Smart Communities Initiative

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SCI is founded upon the idea that universities and communities should work together to improve the health and vitality of their areas. Through the leveraging of interdisciplinary research and scholarship, community dialogue, human capacity, and innovation, municipal and university partners will collaborate toward the pursuit of smarter, more vibrant communities.

The SCI is now accepting proposals for our 2015-16 Smart Communities Initiative partner! Find out how to apply here!


We are excited to be piloting the Smart Communities Initiative (SCI) this year with Cleveland, TN! Find out more about the pilot year!

The SCI is a new interdisciplinary program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville which partners faculty and students across campus with one city, county, special district, or other municipal group each year to engage in real-world problem solving aimed at increasing the level of economic viability, environmental sustainability, and social integrity of the region.

Find the full-text SCI Program Description here.