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Liability Insurance for Students

Students working with high-risk populations (elderly, children, and persons with disabilities) are required to carry liability insurance, and some sites also require background checks. The Office of Risk Management offers annual liability insurance policies to students for the reduced rate of $20. In cases where the departments do not have internal capacity to process student payments for liability insurance, the Office of Service-Learning may be available to assist. Please familiarize yourself with your community partner’s organizational requirements for on-site volunteers, and observe the below instructions for acquiring liability insurance for your students. Also please feel free to contact us with any further questions about student insurance or background checks.

The Notice of Coverage Renewal and Description of Coverage can be found here.

Directions for Student Liability Insurance Purchases

UT Service-Learning asks that instructors teaching service-learning courses that require the students to purchase insurance observe the following instructions:

1. Collect a check or cash payment of $20.00 from each of your students. If students are paying with cash, exact change should be used. The cash should be either sealed in an envelope with the student’s name on it, or attached to a note with the student’s name on it. If paying with check, theĀ  check should be made out to The University of Tennessee. If the name on the check differs from the student’s name, the student’s name should be written in the “For” line.

2. When you have collected all of your students’ payments, seal them in a large envelope and submit them to UT Service-Learning. You can either deliver the payments in person to 1817 Melrose Ave. or request to have it picked up in your department front office.

3. UT Service-Learning will process all of your students’ payments at once through the Office of Risk Management. Please allow a full business week for processing. After payments have been processed, we will issue a receipt for each student, and will deliver these receipts in an envelope with your name on it to your department front office. Each receipt will serve as that student’s proof of insurance, so students should keep their receipts in an accessible place while engaging in service.

Thank you in advance for protecting your students and community partners through responsible risk management.

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