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Service-Learning Profiles

In 2014 faculty and staff across nine of UT’s academic colleges helped to pilot an upcoming course designation for service-learning. These are the stories of their outstanding courses, which demonstrate the quality and breadth of service-learning work across the institution.

Look for more information about the service-learning course designation to be released this year.

 bharat1 Public Library Management and Services (INSC 554)
Bharat Mehra, School of Information Sciences
The growth and sustainability of our public libraries is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for a strong city. At the University of Tennessee, Dr. Bharat Mehra’s distance education course on public library management and services is a service-learning course designed to strengthen students’ skills, and help improve public libraries all across the nation. Read more>
 cable Social Justice & Community Service (SOCI 495)
Sherry Cable, Department of Sociology
“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance” (President John F Robert Kennedy). This is the quote students find on the first page of their Sociology 495 syllabus. Read more>
 tblandmcarthur1 Health Promotion & Maintenance in the Community (N382)
Polly McArthur and Tami Bland, College of Nursing
In the true spirit of service learning, the nursing 382 course partners students with local agencies for health promotion and maintenance in the community. Experiencing “nursing” in this course entails much more than the typical routine and students appreciate this creative way to learn. The course is comprised of five credit hours – three in class and two in the field. With the primary experience, students work for six weeks with a community partner. Read more>
 mercer1doug-blaze1 Public Defender Externship (LAW 948)
William Mercer and Doug Blaze, College of Law
In partnership with public defenders from Knox County and the Eastern District of Tennessee, the Law 948 public defender externship gives students the opportunity to get a taste of life on the job – all while focusing on service learning.“It is our goal in the class not to just have someone in there as an assistant, but someone who is licensed to limited practice under the supervision of a practicing attorney,” said Dr. William Mercer, one of two professors who directs the externship; Dean Douglas Blaze also teaches the course. Read more>
 peccolo1 Education 100 (ED 100)
Dulcie Peccolo, Marian Phillips, Lisa Emery, Jennifer Martin, Jamia Stokes, and Laura Stetler; College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences
Service learning is about learning while providing service to community partners.  Infuse this way of teaching and learning to an introductory education course –and you have the perfect formula for future teachers who will educate our youth. Read more>
 retherford1 Senior Design Project (CEE 400)
Jenny Retherford, Civil & Environmental Engineering
“Civil engineering is by definition a service profession.” That’s why it’s so important to Jenny Retherford that her students engage with course content both inside and outside the classroom. Students taking Retherford’s senior design course, CE400, learn about the basics of the civil engineering design process: problem formulations, site planning, managing projects, schematic design and development, and more, just as they would in any introductory design course. Read more>
 stephens1 Servant Leadership in Agriculture & Natural Resources (ALEC 450 & 551)
Carrie Ann Stephens, Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications
For students who enjoy the traditional classroom model of taking lecture notes and sitting class – Agriculture Leadership Development is not the class for them! Conversely, students enrolled in this course will spend a semester working in teams to provide hands-on community service to areas organizations. Read more>
 tkelvis2 (1)1 Advanced Architectural Design: Urbanism (ARC 483)
Thomas K. Davis, Department of Architecture
There is no clearer example of service learning in the College of Architecture than the study and practice of urban design in Architecture 483. Students work with real clients in the state of Tennessee to solve design problems, pitch ideas for new development and produce solutions for residents. Read more>
 Whitlock_9.23.10.1jpg Equine and Farm Animal Field Services (VMD 893)
Bryan Whitlock and Mark Caldwell, College of Veterinary Medicine Specialists are so important when it comes to keeping the world balanced. We seek legal counsel when we need advice about the law. We seek financial guidance about our money issues. We seek medical assistance from a doctor when we are sick. And, of course, when we have a sick animal, we turn to our animal experts – the veterinarians. But, have you ever thought about how these medical professionals receive their training? Two words: service learning. Read more>