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Benefits of Participation

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SCI will provide a variety of benefits to faculty, students, and municipal partners. These include:

For Municipal Partners

  • A plethora of creative concept ideas, design plans, and policy recommendations that will energize community leadership and members around projects tied to partner goals. Under the instruction of faculty experts, students can explore a multitude of possible directions for a given project, and consider a variety of innovative approaches that are sometimes unavailable to municipal partners or consultants due to constrained staff capacity, limited project budgets, or a restrictive political climate.
  • The insights and expertise of faculty across disciplines with first-hand knowledge of innovative research and practices.
  • Expanded opportunities for meaningful dialogue with community members and residents, resulting in a culture of collaboration and engagement between community leadership and citizenship.
  • Greater opportunities for data-driven decision making.
  • Robust and comprehensive proposals that generate meaningful conversation among local government and community members, and get “stuck” projects moving in the right direction.
  • Energy efficiency solutions that can save money and resources.
  • Press releases and word of mouth publicity across the campus and community around forward-thinking, innovative “town gown” partnerships.
  • In-depth scans of other cities/counties/districts modeling smart community strategies.
  • Opportunities to network with a multitude of talented young professionals soon to be entering the workforce.
  • Students with an “eye on opportunity” for the region, identifying data-driven measures for bolstering economic vitality in your area.

For Faculty

  • Complex, challenging projects around real-world issues which will engage and motivate students.
  • Attraction of top tier and honors students to departments and programs housing SCI courses.
  • Opportunities to connect research across disciplines and enhance the value of research output.
  • Built-in course projects with motivated municipal partners.
  • Opportunities to have your course featured in University and community media outlets.
  • Engaged scholarship contributions to include in tenure/promotion portfolios.

For Students

  • Opportunities to leverage scholarship toward the pursuit of creative solutions to society’s most pressing problems.
  • Networking opportunities with local government and industry personnel seeking to recruit talented young professionals.
  • Opportunities to connect theory and practice.
  • Chances to work closely with faculty experts on complex real-world projects.
  • Valuable career development skills.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate creativity and talent to government officials and executives.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate exemplary scholarship in a high-profile municipal project.

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